It’s hard to picture anything more beautiful and peaceful than a landscape covered in freshly fallen snow. For many people, young and old alike, snow is an enchanted, wonderous part of an otherwise cold and dark season. Though snow can mean traffic delays and other inconveniences, we have the choice to pause and appreciate the silence, the glistening sparkle, and the joy that it brings to so many.

In this short episode, Maureen pauses to bask in the impermanent magic of the season.

Deara Ball, MS
Director of Outreach
Red Mountain Sedona

The Red Mountain Programs are leading mindfulness-based, therapeutic programs for adolescents and young adults. We work with the mind, body, and spirit using various forms of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, martial arts, life skills education, and multi-modal therapies, including CBT, DBT, EMDR and Brainspotting. Red Mountain Sedona is based in Arizona and serves young adults who need assistance launching into adulthood. Red Mountain Colorado, located just north of Denver, provides an ideal location for adolescents needing dual-diagnosis residential treatment.

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