For teens suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders, school can be one of the most detrimental stressors. From the pressure of academics and college prep to the challenges of peer relationships and social comparison, school can make a difficult mental health situation worse.

Outpatient treatment that includes an educational component—such as a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that runs five days a week—allows teens to work toward sustainable healing while continuing to make progress academically. In Newport Academy’s PHP program, each teen receives an in-depth assessment that informs a tailored treatment plan including clinical and experiential modalities as well as strength-based academic approaches that nurture teen’s interests and passions.

Every Newport Academy outpatient location provides an educational program that includes an accredited curriculum, SAT and ACT prep, individual academic plans, tutoring, and college application support. We communicate closely with clients’ home schools to ensure they make appropriate progress and can transition back into their regular classes following treatment, or move on to the next phase of their academic career.

Education at Newport isn’t just an afterthought; it’s an essential element of treatment. Each client’s daily schedule includes classroom hours and individualized tutoring, along with individual and family therapy, life skills training, and group activities and community meetings that support teens in building positive peer relationships. Our certified teachers and tutors have specialized education degrees, and their overarching goal is to support the development of teens’ executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Teens learn to manage not just their schoolwork but also their time, their emotions, and their everyday lives more effectively.

As Newport Academy Executive Director Gale Saler puts it, “We meet our kids where they are and find what works best for them to explore the issues they’re dealing with. For some, that’s music; for some, it’s art; for some, recreation; for some, academics. We find that little niche where we can begin to work with them, and having such a broad spectrum of services makes a huge difference.”

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