Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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News and Information for professionals that work with youth and young adults in the therapeutic and/ or addiction realms.

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Trails Carolina Announces Trails To Wellness programming

Trails Carolina in North Carolina will now offer a full week of health-focused classes to create opportunity...

Center for Change Webinar: ED and Type 1 Diabetes

Center for Change, Specialized Treatment for Eating Disorders, will be holding a free educational webinar in April....

John Dewey Academy Supports Struggling Gifted Teens with Integrated Healing

John Dewey Academy Great Barrington, MA Paul Ravenscraft 480-316-9428 Proud to announce the addition...

Factors To Consider When Applying To College With Learning Differences

by Teresa Theofanos Collins, Gina Gerrato Greenhaus BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 10: A real human brain being...

A New Perspective on Sober Living

Lighthouse Recovery TexasDallas, Texas The Sober Life Lighthouse Recovery Texas is...