One of the biggest challenges for young adult families is the process from program discovery to arrival at Trails Momentum. In Jordan’s new role she is focused specifically on working with referral sources to better understand student and family needs. She works closely with parents to help coach them and guide their conversations as their child enrolls at Momentum. The level of parent coaching she provides is unique and addresses the largest need from clients as they look to enroll. On top of family coaching, Jordan Siegel provides an external clinical perspective on supervision, this level of objective review helps Momentum continue to develop and

Jordan Siegel (MSW, LCSW)

Jordan Siegel is currently working on her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University. Jordan’s commitment to the work we do on behalf of Momentum students and their families, combined with her Ph.D. level studies, keeps our team on the cutting edge of research and understanding of an ever-evolving clinical landscape.