A season for change

We are slowly transitioning into a beautiful fall here at Juniper Canyon! With our base camp nestled in between 11,000 ft mountain plateaus and miles of beautiful red rock desert, we are getting the best of both worlds. Within weeks, the aspen trees will set the mountains on fire with their gold leaves and we will say goodbye to them until next spring and head for the desert for autumn adventures.

Seasonal transitions can be a natural time to honor transitions in our own lives. They can be a time to slow down and take stock of who we are and who we want to be. This work is challenging, but the reward is greater than we can imagine. Here at Juniper Canyon we have the privilege to witness this work everyday from our courageous group of women. These women have chosen courage over fear, challenge over complacency, and relationships over isolation. They have chosen to answer the call and embark on their own heroes journey to become the women they want to be. They are wild, soulful, honorable women.

The time is now, the support is here. We are ready to welcome new transitions and new journeys into this brave, beautiful space we call home. For more information please call (866) 436-4458 or visit our website at: junipercanyonrecovery.com. You can also follow our adventures on instagram: instagram.com/junipercanyonrecovery

With autumn love,
The Juniper Canyon Team

Madolyn M Liebing, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and LMFT

“At Juniper Canyon we believe in helping women transition into empowered, balanced, whole & honorable women by increasing their awareness and finding their heart at peace. Whether our clients are beginning their recovery from addiction, healing from trauma, or dealing with mental health issues, we pride ourselves on creating not just a safe place for women to heal but also a BRAVE one”

For more information on Juniper Canyon Recovery, visit www.junipercanyonrecovery.com/