A College Support program
located in Southern Idaho.

Our team is thrilled to be celebrating Gemba Gap Program’s third anniversary! Gemba opened in 2020 (during the shutdown!) through a collaboration between Dan Hanks, M.Ed, Ed.S, LPC, and Bernie Zimmerman, MBA, LCPC. Their goal was to bring therapeutic young adult transition services, similar to Northwest College Support, into Boise. Over the three years, Gemba has grown to include three different houses and several apartments in the heart of Boise. Although the program is relatively young, we are proud of the high level of experience of the team we built. Currently, Gemba is in the process of getting ready to accept 17-year-old clients into the program as well!

What Makes Gemba Gap Program Unique?

  • Highly individualized plans and care
  • Right in the heart of Boise with easy access to college and universities, jobs/ internship opportunities, and recreation
  • A tremendously experienced, multidisciplinary team
  • 17-year-olds coming soon!
Traci Hanks, MS

Congratulations to our Admissions and Marketing Director, Traci Hanks, MS, for celebrating 10 years full-time in our organization! After working as an Academic Coach at Gonzaga University, and in special education support for the Coeur d’Alene School District, Traci started as a part-time Educational Coach over ten years ago, when Northwest College Support was still in formation. Traci was a founding member of the program, helping write early versions of the website, mentoring/ coaching students, setting up student residences, and working in the front office of Cultivation Counseling (the outpatient mental health branch of NWCS). After 3 years of full-time academic coaching at NWCS, Traci moved into admissions, marketing, outreach, and professional relations.

Since then, Traci has helped admit and place nearly 300 young adults into Northwest College Support, Gemba Gap Program in Boise, and Initiate NW (for older young adults). Additionally, Traci manages marketing and social media for Cultivation Counseling’s three branches (Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and Boise), and Confluence Counseling in Minneapolis. Traci earned her Master of Science in Psychology, with a certification in Industrial-Organizational Psychology in 2017, and is also working towards a certification in digital marketing. Away from work, Traci has dedicated her time to serving on nonprofit boards supporting efforts in local public education. She also enjoys cross-country skiing, and spending time with her dogs and husband.

Admissions is open for Summer and Fall 2023!

Now is the perfect time to start making plans for starting at NW College Support or Gemba Gap this Summer or Fall. Spaces are filling up! Contact Northwest College Support Admissions at:
(877) 485-2776

Contact Gemba Gap Admissions at:
(833) 692-7264