Taking a long leave of absence from school doesn’t make a student a failure. In fact, longer breaks can be needed in order for some individuals to learn the necessary skills to be successful. EDGE Life Coaches and Academic Coordinators can help students who need to take a break from school.

Our team guides these young adults as they refocus and reorient their energy. With the proper support, students can realize that long breaks are productive opportunities to improve all seven dimensions of wellness.

Examples Include:

  • Physical: Students can catch up on sleep and focus on a healthy exercise and nutrition routine.
  • Emotional: Students can refine stress management techniques so they can come back to a normal routine with a new mindset.
  • Environmental: Students can take time to walk outside, relax and interact with nature.
  • Intellectual: Students can take one or two classes/workshops that are fun and stimulating.
  • Occupational: Students can start a part-time job that aligns with their interests.
  • Social: Students can strengthen bonds with family and friends and volunteer in the community.
  • Spiritual: Students can further explore their values and determine the impact their beliefs have on themselves and their interactions with the world.

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