On March 11th Eagle Hill made the difficult but proactive decision to close campus and have students return home in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, on March 16th we began delivering our curriculum online through distance learning. The dedication to the individual has not wavered in this transition, thanks to the ingenuity and resilience of the entire community.

We could not be more proud of the efforts of our faculty and our students. That the desire to preserve the excellence of the Eagle Hill experience, even in these circumstances, is truly shared between them is testament to how strong the bonds are at this school, as well as the earnest desire to learn and succeed. The lessons and instruction are moving along productively and attentively. Faculty are utilizing group video chats (for example, Google Hangouts), individual instruction, and other means to conduct classes, labs, extra help, and more. They are not trying to approximate the quality of instruction prior to this interruption- they are striving to duplicate it. In addition to daytime instruction, resident counselors, duty staff, and impact coaches are providing homework help from 4-8pm Sunday through Thursday evenings. Reports from both students and faculty have been overwhelmingly positive. Above all else, the sincere emotional lift that our faculty and students enjoy from each other’s (virtual) company has been moving.

We are, after all, Pioneers. It should be no surprise that when encountering this new challenge, we boldly move forward. At Eagle Hill, we know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles, adapting, and thriving.

Admission Office Update

As effectively as we have begun to run our distance learning platform for academics and student life, we are up and running in the admission office at Eagle Hill School as well. We are accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year and the 2020 summer session. We continue to host prospective students on campus on a limited basis and also have a robust virtual process for students and families. We have a tour of EHS available to share with prospective families if they visit us here or that we can send to them via email. We spent several days creating the video that includes footage of students in classes, in the hallways in between class periods, in the dining hall, in sports, and in our café and library, and we plan to start sending it to families this week.

If you have a candidate who is interested in Eagle Hill School, please contact Sue Cranford, Kacie Breeds, or Dana Harbert in the admission office. We are reading evaluations, talking with consultants, setting up Skype interviews, and mailing out viewbooks to interested families. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about EHS in general or our admission office specifically.


The Eagle Hill School Admission Team
Sue Cranford scranford@eaglehill.school
Kacie Breeds kbreeds@eaglehill.school
Dana Harbert dharbert@eaglehill.school