As many of you know, as a result of these unprecedented events, Pacific Quest will have to cease all operations at this time. After deep and heartfelt consideration, we realize that in this national public health emergency we must take our role seriously and ask everyone to return to their safest contained spaces. Due to the nature of our work, we cannot abstain from contact with each other and our clients. Being on an island creates further obstacles for travel and containment. At this time, we are thankfully closing with no cases of COVID-19 in our population, and no illness, a situation that will likely change. Our ultimate goal is to reopen to do our incredible work after this crisis has subsided.

We are well aware that this decision will create difficult situations for you, our clients and employees, and we give you our most heartfelt apologies. We intend to do our best to assist in making plans for all students to exit PQ, and to honor as many commitments as possible. We take seriously the emotional effect this may have on our already sensitive population and we will honor and support each and every child and young adult in our care during this process.

We deeply regret this turn of events and we hope you will all stay in good health. Please keep PQ in your hearts and minds in the coming months in the hopes we can regroup and again provide care to children and young adults. We are forever grateful for your trust, support and friendship over the last 16 years.

With gratitude,

Your PQ Ohana