Mae and Danny Conroy, Founders/ Owners of AIM House

AIM House is excited to announce that our clinical services are now in-network with several insurance companies! Although no major shifts have been made to the AIM House profile or our ideology, the ability to create a more focused and curriculum-based clinical continuum will help to ensure AIM participants receive the best possible therapeutic and psychiatric services while at AIM House. 

Mentoring and executive functioning support, as well as academic, vocational and creative coaching, still remain essential cornerstones of the AIM House program. In addition, AIM participants have access to the vast resources in Boulder, including Madelife’s Creative Accelerator programs and the University of Colorado. 

Earl House at AIM House

Many in the industry will remember the beautiful, historic “Earl House” in North Boulder, which in the past housed the young women’s program. This building has now been repurposed into Boulder Integrated Health (BIH). BIH, is a fully-licensed Intensive Outpatient Program serving the greater Boulder community as well as the University of Colorado. BIH is also where AIM House participants will be receiving a focused, therapeutic curriculum, designed specifically for AIM House. All AIM House groups run at BIH will be private and specific to those in the residential program; including both a mental health and substance abuse track with access to experiential groups such as equine therapy and acu-detox. The focused curriculum, including group and individual therapy, is designed to take place during the first phase of AIM House, so as to provide structure and momentum on the front end of a participant’s program. After the eight-week curriculum is complete, individual and family therapy will continue throughout the duration of the program. 

In order to provide families the opportunity to utilize insurance for their clinical services at BIH, we have made an adjustment to our tuition structure: the clinical portion of AIM House has been separated from our tuition so that BIH can more easily bill insurance. While a participant is enrolled in the curriculum at BIH (again, the first phase of their AIM House program, or approximately the first two months), there is a clinical fee of $4400.00 per/month that includes all clinical services, including psychiatry and drug testing. After the curriculum is completed, families will be billed hourly for services such as therapy and psychiatry, and billed per service for drug testing while we continue to run all services through insurance for potential reimbursement.

The remaining residential fee covers all other programmatic elements: room and board, individual and group mentoring, family updates, group activities, local AIM House sponsored activities, use of Boulder recreation center and Boulder rock gym, regular trips to a local ski area during the winter, and access to the Madelife creative accelerator program. AIM House families will also be invited to participate in our Emotionally Focused Family Therapy workshops and support groups.

Above all, leadership and staff are proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary by enhancing the approach at AIM House. As our founder Danny Conroy explains: “As we celebrate 20 years, we are excited to keep improving on the core values of AIM House—clinical excellence, real-life mentoring, and creative, individualized programming for young adults.” 

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