Wisdom Ranch, a vocational gap year program located in southern Idaho, is excited to announce that their first students arrived earlier this month. Saws are buzzing, welding torches are throwing sparks, and ratchets are making that ratchet sound!

In addition to starting vocational training, students have been busy on the ranch loading hay, feeding cattle, and taking care of the horses.

This program is set on a ranch consisting of over 4,000 acres, complete with 360 head of cattle and 10 horses. Livestock is supported by feed grown on 200 acres of irrigated hayfields. The residents learn to become ranch hands, mastering the skills taught in the curriculum to lead impactful lives.

Skills learned at Wisdom Ranch include carpentry, welding, auto mechanics, heavy equipment operation, horsemanship, large scale irrigation, electrical, plumbing, landscaping and more.

Wisdom Ranch Vocational Gap Year was founded by Monte MacConnell and is run by Matthew McConnell, Director. John Tucker is the Admissions Director.

For more information, visit the Wisdom Ranch website, or contact John Tucker at 208-352-2676.