Transcend & Heights Treatment are Official Partners with Hall of Fame Behavioral Health

Hundreds of professional athletes retire each year. Unfortunately, many of them spend retirement in physical and mental pain. Athletes going through these transitional periods, whether it be an injury or career retirement, have been reported to feel depressed and anxious, especially when they’re unsupported.

Recently, the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health selected Heights Treatment to be a part of a network that helps athletes around the country overcome their mental health and/or addiction struggles. The Hall of Fame Behavioral Health has their own accreditation that evaluates each treatment center who is a part of this elite network. Each selected treatment center will help numerous athletes, their families, veterans, and communities across the nation. Mental health or substance abuse awareness isn’t just for people who are already struggling with disorders – it’s for everyone.

“Hall of Fame Behavioral Health, an affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is providing a comprehensive solution for mental health, behavioral health, and substance use issues for all athletes, their families, veterans, and beyond.”