As of 2017, Point School Puerto Rico is a hybrid gap year program for young men, ages 18-22. This hybrid gap year program blends cultural and Spanish immersion, island activities, and volunteer opportunities with individualized positive self-discovery.

When a young man arrives at Point School Puerto Rico, he partakes in the VIA Character Strength Survey, a validated and reliable positive psychology assessment. Each young man works with our Director of Well-Being to create goals and positive outcomes around their character strengths in order to amplify and bolster the benefits of strength development. These benefits include positive self-identity development, confidence building, and increased self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation. 

These strength-related goals are carried out through our intentional and individualized gap year model. Each young man is asked to step outside of his comfort zone by immersing himself in a new culture and language. He is asked to participate in activities such as SCUBA, surfing, fishing, paddling, snorkeling, camping, etc in order to build competency and mastery around activities that bring him joy. We also promote academic and professional exploration by providing volunteer opportunities that align with each young man’s interests and long-term goals in order to try out different paths, develop skills in those fields, and build their resumes while finding meaning through giving back to the community. 

Young men at Point School Puerto Rico often arrive feeling stuck as they emerge into adulthood. They may be experiencing lack of direction and motivation about their future academic or professional options. They may be struggling with low confidence due to adversity, generalized depression and/or anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or other reasons. 

Our goal for each young man is to support their healthy transition into adulthood. We want them to explore their positive self-identity and strengths, find activities that bring them joy and fulfillment, and begin implementing a life plan that is supported by long-term goals and intrinsic motivation.

Tracey Bachrach
Coordinator of Business Development
Point School Puerto Rico
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