Dear Colleague:

I hope you and your loved ones are well during this unprecedented pandemic and the resulting stressors. I have been in the therapeutic education and behavioral health fields for nearly 30 years. I moved to Austin 15 years ago and soon thereafter, started my own company advising and improving educational and behavioral health entities. That quickly turned into “turnaround CEO” engagements. I am now the CEO of Paradigm Treatment. The founders of Paradigm (since 2009), Jeff Nalin and Cole Rucker, are no longer involved in the operations of the business.

Like many of you, I had heard of Paradigm, but was unfamiliar with the program’s specifics. Truth is, Paradigm should be on your radar as an alternative to or in lieu of wilderness therapy for the profile of teens and young adults we serve. We’ve made many improvements to our program and continue to do so based on feedback from professionals like you.

Paradigm focuses on individualized mental health assessments and treatment in quality, non-institutional residential settings in northern and southern California. Anxiety, depression, trauma, and loss/grief is our wheelhouse. We are not an eating disorder program or drug rehab. Many of our clients are appropriate for a therapeutic or traditional school environment upon completing our 30 to 90-day program. Our clients are those who internalize, are the bullied rather than the bullies, risk averse, school and life avoidant, and simply put, sad and struggling to find internal mental and emotional stability.

As an essential business, we have remained open, serving clients throughout the COVID outbreak. We have 14 beds in the Bay Area and 30 in Malibu. With a full-time, M.D. psychiatrist, clinical director, as well as primary, secondary and family therapists, your clients will receive individual and group therapy daily, help with social skills building, family therapy, and education, along with 24-hour supervision and support. Plus, we employ billing professionals who work tirelessly to garner insurance reimbursement on behalf of our client families. We are also expanding our discharge planning and aftercare services. Telecare is available to help clients transition if they are returning home and we are systematically referring out to educational consultants directly as the year progresses.

The work you do has always been important. Now, more than ever, as we move from “shelter in place” back to “where can my kid get the best help?”, we are here as an appropriate, viable solution. I invite you to contact me or schedule a phone or video call with our COO, Dustin Wagner (a great guy with fantastic clinical and program management skills). I also encourage you to come tour Paradigm this summer when you are comfortable traveling.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to helping you learn about Paradigm Treatment and receiving your feedback on our program. If you’d like to contact me directly, my email is


Paul Auchterlonie, CEO