FOCUS Oregon is ready for students to apply, our first domestic climate gap year program! We are thrilled to partner with you and spread the word. As you know, FOCUS was founded by Garett Brennan and Ethan Knight in 2017 after decades of experience in their respective fields of climate education and international gap year programming. While Ethan has stepped back from his role at FOCUS, I have joined the team to develop the domestic program in partnership with Garett.

We are offering small residential cohorts in three 6-week sessions in the first half of 2021 (January, March, and May), where students will thrive as they explore progressive clean energy policies and climate justice. Our students will leverage Garett Brennan’s 15-year career in climate education to study with dynamic experts working on real-world issues. And of great importance, FOCUS Oregon students will develop an understanding of the different roles they can play in tackling climate change no matter what educational path they pursue.

Our students will pod together in a Portland, Oregon homestay with live-in supervision, an active learning environment, with good food and excellent protocols. Students will participate in delicious cooking, use the custom gym in the garage, get support for life-skills, and be able to thoughtfully integrate this experience with their future plans–all with our professional staff. This homestay is located at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, has all the urban vibe of food trucks and fabulous large parks, yet a neighborhood where everyone says hello when you walk around the block.

The FOCUS Oregon experience is active and fun too: options will include winter sports at Mt Bachelor, hiking in the Columbia Gorge, and surfing the Oregon coast (yes, surfing-did you know Oregon’s coast is warmer in February than in July?)

FOCUS Oregon’s appeal is obvious, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest with mountains, rivers and coastal beauty-a state that is transparently navigating the impact of western wildfires, renewable energy growth and approaches to conservation and community planning that benefits all citizens.

Apply online, email or call–our conversations with applicants have begun!