As we approach our 40th year, I am stepping aside and handing the reins of Spruce to Aaron Aldridge, LCMHC, and Bogie Foden, LICSW! Aaron has been here nearly three years and assumed the Director position last October. That same month, Bogie came on board as Assistant Director. I have continued on in a mentoring and ‘extra hand’ role. They are ready and so am I. Spruce is the living, breathing manifestation of what I set out to do 40 years ago at 26 years old. It is the product of my passion for the field combined with lots of love and care. My work here has been a tremendous privilege for all of these years. I look forward to seeing the next phase of the vision unfold.  

For years I have worked to transfer Spruce to ‘insiders’ who could carry on its traditions of excellence with heart. I am thrilled to have such a great team to preserve the ‘bones’ of Spruce while innovating in a number of ways. Speaking of innovation, check out our new logo and new website!    

With gratitude, Candace