First Light Wilderness Therapy, a New Vision program, has recently launched in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia. Our highly experienced team of outdoor behavioral health professionals are eager to serve their first group of adolescent female clients.

What Makes First Light Wilderness Unique?
The clinical model at First Light Wilderness Therapy is rooted in the principles of neurobiology and relational immersion. By utilizing an attachment-focused and brain-based model, First Light helps clients learn to better regulate their nervous system and build resilience. Additionally, through meaningful and strategic interactions, we help students transfer relational work to their family system and peer dynamics. First Light’s individualized trauma treatment model is focused on achieving meaningful change, creating the capacity for joy and laying the foundation for sustainable development of the self.

The Four Tenets of First Light’s Clinical Model

Developmental ReIntegration

  • Evidenced-based trauma treatment to reset neurodevelopment
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention® integrated within treatment milieu
  • Highly relational model meets students where they are and helps them get back on track

Generational Empowerment

  • Three weekly therapeutically focused sessions for parents
  • Three-day First Light family intensive during wilderness treatment experience:
    • Multi-family experiential workshop
    • Includes three days of family therapy and parent-child engagement

Interactive Education

  • Nomadic wilderness model creates natural consequences to facilitate self-awareness
  • Daily structure, including attention to safety, health, nutrition and wellness facilitates body-mind integration
  • Application of new skills through intentional peer group interactions
  • Facilitated parent/ child engagement and communication


  • Twice weekly field-based therapy sessions with the primary therapist
  • Clinical Field Specialist embedded within the group provides additional clinical focus
  • Field Staff intensively trained in relationally-based
  • CASA model and TBRI® to create a secure caregiving system and corrective developmental experiences within which healing can occur
  • Group milieu builds social skills and increases self-esteem

The Outcomes You Expect From a New Vision Wilderness Therapy Program

As with all New Vision programs, First Light Wilderness provides the highest impact, evidence-based outdoor behavioral healthcare. New Vision prides itself on offering wilderness treatment with highly experiential, mastery-focused adventure programming; impeccable safety standards; outcome-driven, trauma-focused treatment models; and a program culture focused on empathy, healing and joy.

We believe that our referral partners care deeply about the treatment that the families they send to us will receive. We believe that the better our referral partners understand our treatment model, the stronger our partnership in care for families becomes. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how First Light Wilderness Therapy can benefit the clients you serve.

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