This week we had a chance to catch up with Primary Therapist Jordan Siegel and talk about the impact that developing social skills and relationships has on young adults, particularly the young people who attend Trails Momentum. Here’s what Jordan had to say about building relationship skills at Trails Momentum:

For many of our students, managing relationships is new territory for them as they step into young adulthood. Now that they are older it is on them to go out and figure out how to create a community and a social network. It’s not just about finding a group of people with similar interests, but also identifying uplifting healthy relationships to invest in.

For some young adults, the challenge of navigating this landscape can be difficult. At Momentum, they learn to improve their ability to build safe social connections that support the person they want to become.  

Momentum really helps our students cultivate empathy, strengthen the parent-child relationship, and create the safe social connections needed to find healthy friendships. Throughout the program, we focus on helping students build healthy relationships with peers and strengthening their relationships within the family.  

Watch the video below to learn more about Jordan’s therapeutic approach and background: