Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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From in-patient to out-patient programs, this category is meant for articles relating to information on the wide range of specialty programs.

A New Perspective on Sober Living

Lighthouse Recovery TexasDallas, Texas The Sober Life Lighthouse Recovery Texas is...

Ten Common Mistakes Parents Make

What sort of mistakes do parents make while looking for a program and what implications might those mistakes have?

The Growing Epidemic of Tech and Gaming Use in our Adolescents and Young Adults:

by Johnny Tock MS LMHC Advancements in technology...

OP Detox Now Open in Cherry Hill

What is Outpatient Detox? It's a medically managed, safe alternative to inpatient detox where patients are able to receive treatment during the day and go home at night.

How to Choose the Right Program

How do I choose the right program for my child who is struggling in school or life? This article offers advise.

3 Steps to Help Your Child Decrease Technology Use

Sometimes it feels as if technology has inserted itself into our lives and is sucking our brains...

How To Treat Anxiety and Depression in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Dr. Andrew Ruben Anxiety and Depression in young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder...

Factors To Consider When Applying To College With Learning Differences

by Teresa Theofanos Collins, Gina Gerrato Greenhaus BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 10: A real human brain being...

News From Summit Prep School

Summer Challenge There is a reason that thousands of tourists flock to Northwest...

Children Won’t Say They Have Anxiety, They Say ‘My Stomach Hurts!’

As children grow and develop, they experience a number of emotional reactions that they know are different or even negative feelings, but...

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Oxford Academy Is Having An Open House

Join us for our Open House Thursday, March 12, 2020 From 10 - 12:30

Vaping Messed with the Wrong Moms 

If you’ve been reading headlines for the last few months, you know that vaping is being referred to as an epidemic...

Do Video Games Kill Teens?

By: Steven Cessario Video games have become very popular among many age groups especially teenagers. It's common for teenagers...

The Power Of Labeling (Naming)

By Lon Woodbury In some circles, the term "labeling" is used as a criticism. I frequently hear this from...

Discovery Academy 2.0 – What’s New in 2020?

Now that we are fully engaged in 2020, parents who have students in Wilderness and RTC settings start to think about the next step.