By Kenneth M. Weinig, founding Headmaster of The Independence School in Newark, Del, found in the Education Week, June 14, 2000

  1. Multiculturalism
  2. Failure to Challenge Gifted Students
  3. The Misinterpretation of Bloom’s Taxonomy (lower levels of learning like basic facts have been ignored, making mastery of “higher levels” impossible)
  4. Rapid Developmentalism (by tending to force every student to conform to an average developmental level)
  5. Faulty Educational Theories (“egalitarianism, overemphasis on self-esteem, feeling over thinking, and a contempt for authority in general and direct instruction in particular”)
  6. The Re-Norming of the SATs
  7. Anti-Merit Faculty-Compensation Systems
  8. Teacher Tenure
  9. Students’ Rights Court Decisions (weakening or shattering effective discipline)
  10. Church-State Court Decisions (“the censorship of prayer and sectarian theology would also result in the banishment of values”)