New Perspectives

Kanab, Utah
Craig & Wendy Rogers
Abundant Life Admissions

Abundant Life Academy is “private, family-style boarding school where young men, ages 14 to 19, learn the practical applications of Christian character and honor.” They are committed to academics, vocation development, leadership training, personal growth, the search for significance and Christian discipleship. The school was founded to fill the “overwhelming need” for a school with Christian discipleship, something “rarely found in most emotional growth and traditional boarding schools.”

The academy is “looking for young men who are on a quest for a radical challenge.” Their students have made a true commitment to stay their course, although they may “have had difficulties in the past.” Many of their students have successfully completed wilderness programs and other emotional growth schools. “While these settings are very powerful, many lack the Christian perspective, and the student is often left with a desire for more truth. In this case ALA would be a transitioning situation, where the student gets a blast of Jesus…. Before returning home.” “We are unique, and consider ourselves to being the fresh alternative to the emotional growth and therapeutic boarding school.”

Academics are offered through Alpha Omega Academy, a Christian online Internet school, although other distant learning accredited curriculums are available upon request. ALA also offers two different vocation development tracks, Home Construction and Computer/Software Certification Training. The Home Construction track “will only be offered to the ALA student who has adequately demonstrated the maturity and commitment needed to make the grade. Home Construction is not for everyone, and only those who are truly committed to learning will be chosen.”

ALA is located adjacent to the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, which is just north of the Grand Canyon. Within 60 miles, there are also Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Monument Valley National Monument, Pipe Springs National Monument, Lake Mead Recreational Area, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness Area, Beaver Dam Wilderness Area, Anasazi Indian Village State Park, Iron Mission State Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Quail Creek State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Valley of Fire National Monument, and Lake Powell Recreational Area.

The students have an opportunity to enjoy these national treasurers and as part of the program, can participate in mountain biking, hiking, and camping. Desert retreats are also held, which are designed to be life-changing, fostering meaningful relationships with the local community of believers. There are also cross-country adventure missions.