Jack Sinclair
Producer and Creator of “12”

August 31, 2010

Jack Sinclair, the Executive Producer and creator of the film “12” announced this film is now available in DVD. This 44 minute educational documentary recounts the progression of illness of 20 young adults, from the excitement of experimentation to the tragic and often degrading consequences of their addiction.

This video documentary is cool and edgy and reaches out to young people. This is not the usual “authority figure, pastor or teacher” telling them not to do drugs. This peer to peer documentary describes the 20 young adults’ experience- in their own voices and penetrates the defenses of the hard to reach young offender, making it a powerful communication tool with a memorable message: things get worse, not better, but there is the hope of a way out.

Let “12” be your first step in the powerful Peer-to-Peer Communication Process

Jack V. Sinclair