Introducing Soulegria: A New Perspective

Located in the high desert of southern Utah, Soulegria operates a mentored-living, therapeutically-based program that assists young adults by teaching them the skills required to overcome their challenges. The program bridges the gap between leaving home and living independently in a college or a transitional setting. The residents often do not currently possess all the skills to venture through adulthood safely and are often struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and other challenges.

Tyler Olsen is the Executive and Admissions Director of Soulegria, and Shelly Olsen is the Program Manager.

Soulegria provides an environment where students can learn to focus on the important aspects of their growth, reprioritize their lives and learn the skills to become independent. Although living in a therapeutic type community, they are expected to operate as an individual and will have opportunities to receive real-life work experiences. Each student has an individual treatment plan which identifies key areas where the student appears to be struggling in life. For students that are struggling to finish high school, Soulegria has tutors that will assist, as needed, to ensure the student’s education is accomplished in an often expedited program. The educational platform is regionally and nationally accredited with AdvancEd.

The typical length of stay is 90 days, however, as long as the student is progressing therapeutically, they are welcomed to continue.

For more information, contact Soulegria at or call 800-348-8508.