Updates on Telos Senior House


Tony Mosier

Nearly one year ago Telos opened a small specialty team exclusively for students nearing their 18th birthday. The Senior House was specifically designed for students too old to be comfortably placed in a youth program, but in need of higher structure, oversight, and services than what is typically offered in a young adult setting. Historically, these students have been hard to place, as their age forces parents and referral sources to choose between two non-ideal situations.

In its first year of operation Telos Senior House had 22 students work through the program. Of the 22, 19 have (when clinically ready) transitioned to a traditional Telos U young adult apartment where they have successfully continued and completed their treatment. The remaining 3 students have either remained at the Senior House for their entire stay (due to their need for continued higher structure), or have transitioned home or to another setting.

In its first year Senior House has learned that students “in between” adolescence and adulthood are challenging and complex-there is a reason why they are an under-served population. The process of breaking new ground for these students has been daunting, yet the Telos team has responded to each new challenge with tenacity, expertise, and innovative solutions. Some of these solutions include:

  1. The hiring of Mont Criddle, a full time Executive Director solely dedicated to the Senior House.
  2. The development and enhancement of a robust weekend program designed to help older teens learn new skills and passions.
  3. Transitioning all high school classes to the Geneva Campus (the campus on which the Senior House is located) to aid in providing enhanced clinical and academic support during school hours.

The Telos team is proud of the services offered at the Senior House and are excited to continue treating this traditionally underrepresented population. Please contact admissions staff Becca Jolley or Emery Brown with questions about Telos Senior House programming or availability.