An update from Admission

There are no words to describe the joy we felt to see our students return safely for in-person learning this fall.  Watching them see one another for the first time in months (no hugs of course!) felt like the biggest gift we could ever have given them.  Our 65 brand new students are also settling in nicely, making new friends, and beginning to feel what it is like to actually enjoy learning and to feel truly supported.

When we left campus in March, we weren’t sure how the pandemic would affect our work in admission or our enrollment for 2020-21.  To report now that we had virtually no attrition and a banner season in admission feels almost surreal, but it is the truth.  We opened full this fall with a tremendous group of new students, many of whom have suffered through an online learning platform which did not begin to meet their needs over the past months.

As we look ahead to January, the next time we may be able to enroll any additional new students, we invite you to refer any candidates you feel would benefit from an EHS education.  We will be conducting interviews virtually with invitations for on-campus visits to top candidates.