New Horizons is excited to share that Dr. Sunseri has been invited to do a TED talk (TEDxFondduLac) this August on his research and work on the importance of family therapy and how essential it is in the treatment of children’s mental illness.

Dr. Paul Sunseri, author, Hidden Figures

His talk entitled: “Family as Medicine: A Better Way to Treat Childhood Mental Illness” is based on his Hidden Figures study. Dr. Sunseri will talk about the link between childhood depression, anxiety, and suicidality, and family functioning, i.e., how well a family communicates, solves problems, interacts peacefully, and stays connected.

Please stay tuned for more information on Dr. Sunseri’s TED talk as it becomes available later this summer.

If your agency is interested in scheduling a training or workshop with Dr. Sunseri on advanced family therapy techniques, please contact us. The training covers topics such establishing family treatment goals, balancing alignments, decreasing resistance, improving communication patterns, dialing back reactivity and upset, increasing bonding and attachment, tactical empathy, and more.