Danielle originally joined Solstice East in 2015 as our first full-time Aftercare Specialist and has since helped hundreds of families on their path to transitioning home. Beyond her expertise in post-treatment aftercare, Danielle also specializes in addiction, anxiety and depression, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality disorder, and attachment issues.

Before pursuing her deeper passion for helping adolescents and their families, Danielle worked for 12 years in the business sector specializing in Labor/Employee Relations, Leadership Development, Mediation, Collective Bargaining, and Employment Law. Executive Director Rick Pollard says, “Danielle has been able to combine her experience in conflict resolution, systemic change management, and counseling, among other areas of knowledge, into enthusiastically working with our adolescents and their families. She brings a wealth of experience into her new role.” Welcome, Danielle!