By Kristie Campbell

On the First day, there was terror! America didn’t know what to do, or where to go… We felt helpless… frightened for our own lives, for our families, our friends… We were frightened for the thousands who were hurt or suffering, and frightened of the unknown… “Have you seen my daddy?” or, “Will it begin again?” And we were angry, “How could this happen?” Oh God help us!

On the Second day, America pulled together, feeling sorrow, and grieving for those lost or missing. We felt patriotic and remembered our faith, our brotherhood. We pulled our resources together and amidst the ruins, we began the rescue at hand. We jeopardized our own lives, desperately trying to get to anyone who might still be alive, buried under tons of rubble. We poured our resources into helping those in need.

Oh God help us! And give us strength!

And on the Third day, the heavens opened up, and the rain came pouring down on America. The heavens were crying, grieving for all the people who had been lost and hurt. They were crying for the daddies, the mommies, husbands and wives, the sisters and brothers… for all of God’s children who had suffered. And we continued digging through the ruins of our past. And the rain poured across America to wash away the sorrows, so that we could begin anew.

And God did help us! And He gave us strength!

So on the Fourth day, the people of America pulled together as a nation, and grieved for those we had lost. The skies cleared, and the sun shined down on the new America. And the Patriotism and the Faith and the Brotherhood shined brighter than the sun, with a flag on every corner, on every body, on every building and in every heart, and a candle in every hand.

And we thanked God! And so, God gave us peace!

And so we begin again… in a new America, yet scared about the future.

But let us remember the Fourth day, as we come to the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh… let us remember the Faith, and the Brotherhood, and the support that we give, and need from each other.

And let us never forget those who lived and those who died as a result of 911!