Paul Clark

January 20, 2009

The 20 Peaks residential program has moved from Trout Creek, Montana to 60 acres of ranch country adjacent to national forest located near White Pine, Montana. 20 Peaks Ranch, owned and operated by Joe and Marilyn Frields, has been a small group home for at-risk boys, ages 13-17, in operation for 12 years. The program is building a new facility and has adopted a new name, Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch, to celebrate its new location. The program web site will be found at

A goal at Mountain Meadows is to promote experiential learning in a supportive educational environment and provide a strong component of community involvement. Students attend local AA or NA meetings, and engage in numerous service projects, helping senior citizens and local community organizations.

Family involvement is very important component in the program and parents are encouraged to visit frequently, as their schedules permit. Educational emotional growth assignments and group check-ins help students process difficult emotional issues and resolve problematic behavior patterns. Family members are invited to attend family conferences and participate in assignments designed to promote personal growth and improve relationships.

Mountain Meadow Youth Ranch offers several options for schooling according to each student’s individual needs:

Academic studies at Mountain Meadows with certified Montana High School Accreditation. This plan accommodates students who are new to Mountain Meadows and have not been successful in public or private schools. Students who need close supervision, time away from distractions and additional help structuring their academics usually begin with this plan.

Alternative Learning Center combined with home studies. The all-day Alternative Learning Center is an adjunct to the high school in Thompson Falls, Montana. Students take courses with certified teachers away from the mainstream school environment and have the opportunity to quickly advance with their academic work. Tutoring is available for students who are behind in their studies or need help setting and achieving goals to graduate on time.

Partial to full time mainstreaming in the local community school. Students who are serious about their school work, have matured to accept a higher level of personal responsibility and are ready for additional social interactions (including extracurricular activities) become senior students and peer group leaders who have the privilege to attend the local community Middle School or Senior High.

The Mountain Meadows Youth Ranch also offers a very reasonable tuition and extensive scholarship program to help parents meet financial challenges in a difficult economy.