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Posted December 6, 2004 

To whom it may concern:

April 15, 2004, after speaking with the students at The Whitmore Academy, and in total desperation, I sent my son, XXXXX, away for a year to live with the Sudwigs and to be guided toward a new direction with the aid of The Whitmore. My gratitude is immeasurable to those teens who spent the time with me to help me trust that sending XXXXX to The Whitmore was the best decision I could make for him at that time. I have had no regrets since that date. This safe and structured atmosphere filled with love, support and positive reinforcement has helped my son feel secure to work through his feelings of anger and pain.

It is thanks to Cheryl, Mark, the entire Sudwig family and the Whitmore extended family that my son has returned to being the boy I once knew. The pride and commitment of Mark and Cheryl Sudwig have given me the best gift of all, my son. I no longer feel desperate; I feel as if all our problems are now in control.

Recently, on the phone, XXXXX and I were planning his trip home for the holidays. We laughed because the conversation got confusing when he kept referring to The Whitmore as home and I referred to California as home. This concept brings me so much joy to know that, although XXXXX can't be with me through his trying times, he feels at home in the place that he is. He defends Mark and Cheryl whole heartedly, and has since the beginning. Never did he go through an adjustment period of resentment toward me or them for my decision to send him to The Whitmore. Now XXXXX and I look forward to his successful future.

If my letter is not enough, I will gladly fly to Nephi to swear my devotion and gratitude to Mark and Cheryl Sudwig under oath should this horror be dragged into the courts.

Peggy Winsberg

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