Letters To The Editor

This section is for parents and ex-students to describe their personal experience with a residential school or program as a help to parents new to considering a placement.

For a letter to be accepted, it must include the writer’s full real name, location and a way for direct contact, either a phone number or valid e- mail address, or both. It also must be about a specific program rather than a collection of programs.

We are open to publishing both positive and negative experiences, so long as the writer focuses on what they personally know (as opposed to global assumption), are a legal adult or vouched for by a parent or legal guardian, and are willing to be identified.

We will leave letters online until we receive a request from the writer to remove it.

All letters herein (marked or not) are Copyright © Woodbury Reports, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
(They may not be reproduced without written approval of the publisher.)

We hope this feature will prove to be valuable for all. –Lon Woodbury, IECA, CEP.

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Hyde Schools (CT/ ME)
New Dominion (Virginia)

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