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Posted December 10, 2004 

At the age of 12 our daughter XXXXX was diagnosed with ADD coupled with a variety of mild psychiatric and social problems. After several years of failed psychological and psychiatric therapy programs, we decided to enroll her at Whitmore, as her behavior was disrupting the entire family.

XXXXX returned from Whitmore this summer after eighteen months. She was not cured, but well on the road to recovery. She is no longer on any medications, she is able to recognize and control her destructive behaviors and she now believes in herself. She has the occasional relapse but we can handle that.

We looked long and hard at the various treatment options available to us. The Whitmore program appealed because it offers a structured loving home like environment that uses group therapy and peer pressure to achieve change. It delivered on our expectations mainly due the personal dedication and love of Mark and Cheryl. We were amazed by their energy and inspired by their perseverance.

During XXXXX’s stay we visited her frequently and the school visited us in Texas. We observed nothing that could be considered abuse. We saw discipline and rule enforcement, which to the rebellious teenage mind could have been construed as abuse, but we saw nothing that would be untoward in the average American household. XXXXX has since confirmed that there was no abuse and that the problems were caused by one or two students who were looking for a way out.

The Whitmore offers a unique solution for problem teens but it is by no means a not a panacea. It has a proven basic program that is augmented by spontaneous action and adaptive improvisation, an alien concept to most state agencies. Rather than trying to close down the Whitmore, the public would be better served by understanding the strengths of the program with a view to duplicating them elsewhere.

Eric & Jan Schofield
Spring, Texas

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