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Posted December 6, 2004 

December 1, 2004

Whitmore Academy
110 South Main Street
Nephi, UT. 84648


This letter comes to express our viewpoint and feedback concerning the events and
or reports to DCFS about Whitmore Academy. It is our hope that any miscommunication will be resolved for the sake of all the children there.

We were contacted at 9:15 p.m. by a male staff member, stating that our son, XXXXX had been "questioned" about alleged charges of "abuse" at Whitmore. We received the phone call at least twenty-four hours after our son had
been questioned. In many areas parental permission is required but we were never contacted and the first we knew of this was when the officer from DCFS called. His words were: "Last night, your son XXXXX, was questioned…" My wife Jacqueline received the call and she asked if XXXXX had reported. She was told that he didn't. She asked for more detail concerning what had happened. The officer from DCFS stated, "he couldn't discuss the case." We both understand any legal ramifications but since our son was questioned details should have been given, instead of a brief overview. We were not contacted at any time before our son was questioned.

Our son XXXXX graduated from eighth grade as an honor student with a GPA of 4.28. He was in his county's history fair twice, his first time almost making it to the state finals.

In addition, he was a band officer. Starting approximately six months after we moved to Los Banos, XXXXX started having serious behavioral issues. We found that he had been cutting classes and his grades were dropping drastically as well. We tried family therapy and that yielded almost no result. Last spring XXXXX had made copies of a $20.00 bill and when one of his friends got caught, XXXXX was arrested, resulting with "early release judgment" probation. Although the stakes were really stacked toward XXXXX straightening out, he did not take things seriously and many of the same behavioral issues still remained, including drinking and tobacco use. On the positive note, XXXXX did stop using marijuana. At this point we started looking for alternative programs for XXXXX. XXXXX has not had the Mormon religion forced on him. We are both church members and have felt that this would need to come from XXXXX himself. We feel that many of the traditional Judeo Christian values that strengthen us and have founded our country have been reinforced at this school.

We checked into teen boot camps and felt that XXXXX would loose too much in terms of his schooling. We also wanted XXXXX to be around more positive teens and to experience a more family like approach. This is where Whitmore came in. In addition I have been in the education field for over 15 years and know firsthand what can and will happen if a teenager doesn't have the correct help for their situation.

In only three weeks we could see a change in XXXXX. We never visited, we simply saw his pictures and could tell he was starting to become the XXXXX we once knew. In XXXXX's own words he stated to his therapist "I feel like a cloud has lifted off of me." XXXXX is showing great strides in term of responsibility and willingness to help others.
Instead of being withdrawn, he is now more outgoing again and is much more communicative. We both are truly excited for what will happen as XXXXX continues to develop through the program at Whitmore. We are also keenly aware that XXXXX could not have done as well without the structured program and this program would not succeed without the owners, Mark & Cheryl Sudweeks. We have found the program at Whitmore to be first class in all aspects. Since we cannot get to Utah more than once or twice per year, we will gladly sign a written affidavit concerning the strength of Whitmore and the positive results we have seen in our son. It should be understood that to place XXXXX at Whitmore, we went through great financial sacrifice, including part of my retirement and did it gladly because we love our son. We would do nothing to place him in "harms way."

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact either my wife Jacqueline or myself at the following phone numbers.
I am,

Respectfully Yours,
Donald Moore
Jacqueline Moore
209-826-7308 (h)
209-675-1143 (c)

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