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Posted December 2, 2004 

December 1, 2004

To Whom it may Concern:

Let us begin by saying that it is very difficult to express in words (certainly without crying) just how grateful we are to Mark and Cheryl for their wonderful program at The Whitmore. Ten months ago, we made a decision to send our son, XXXXX, to The Whitmore. As hard as it was to send our son away, we knew that our decision would in some way change his life forever, hopefully in a positive way. We said good-bye to a very sad, angry, deeply troubled child who had chosen to get involved with the wrong group of friends and was experimenting with drugs in order to make himself feel better. He felt hopeless and at times expressed a desire to "end it all" to take away his pain.

During the past 10 months we have had the overwhelming opportunity to experience our son begin to love himself, to forgive himself and us for everything passed, to take pride in his schoolwork, to express his feelings openly and honestly, to learn the value of family, to become grateful for even the little things in life, to deal with life and its ups and downs directly and to simply love and cherish life! Our experience at The Whitmore has been the most amazing experience we have ever had as a family.

We have visited XXXXX several times in the past 10 months and come home in awe of the changes in XXXXX, the love between the kids and the dedication and love that Mark and Cheryl have to each child in the program. Right from the beginning, we have had open, private and regular communication with XXXXX both through e-mails and telephone conversations. We have been encouraged to visit and are welcomed with open arms both by the kids and Mark and Cheryl. We are Christians (Methodist) and have NEVER felt that the Mormon religion has been "forced" on our son. We have NEVER feared for XXXXX's safety or well-being under Mark and Cheryl's care. XXXXX will openly and freely tell you that his experience at The Whitmore has been "...the best thing that ever happened to me..."!

Not a day goes by that we are not thanking God for leading us to Mark and Cheryl and for the wonderful program that they have at The Whitmore. "Love" is a hard word to describe verbally. One visit to The Whitmore describes the word "love" without words. XXXXX has chosen to stay 3 months longer than his year, to have the opportunity to graduate from High School with his "Whitmore Family". He loves Mark and Cheryl with all his heart and will spend the rest of his life being grateful and honored to have had this life-changing experience!

Please feel free to contact us personally should you have any further questions. Thanks for your time.

Bob and Linda Carter
609-410-1821 (cell)
856-772-9122 (home)

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