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Posted December 6, 2004 

Comments on: Finding the right school: Lessons learned from "inside"

As the parents of two children who graduated from the Hyde School in Woodstock, Connecticut, we were surprised by the comments made in "Finding the Right School: Lessons Learned from Inside." We found the Hyde School for our troubled son, who turned around his life during his three years at Hyde and is now thriving at a competitive college. Our daughter participated in family weekends during her brother's three years at Hyde and chose to attend Hyde for her senior year, leaving a very prestigious New York City private girls' school to do so. She values her one year at Hyde more than her twelve years at the girls' school.

Our experience at Hyde was that it was just as advertised: a family oriented, character based education. The focus is on each child and each parent realizing his or her unique potential: being your truest self and achieving your best. Personal growth is demanded of all family members and this is achieved through confrontational as well as supportive comments. We all grew and changed during our four years at Hyde and we are closer to each other and more personally fulfilled as a result of the work we did there.

Perhaps because the Hyde School has such an ambitious agenda - realizing your unique potential - there will always be parents who feel they and their children don't receive enough support. Hyde isn't for everyone, but for our family it was a transforming experience for which we will always be grateful.

Robert & Jane Watson
New York, NY


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