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Posted February 4, 2004 

Rock Point School
Rick Reamer and Deborah Siegel

January 18, 2005

Our daughter enrolled at the Rock Point School in Burlington, Vermont in the fall of 2004. She transferred from the Hyde School in Woodstock, Connecticut. We now have experienced two very different schools based on two very different models.

We are delighted with Rock Point and have only positive things to say about the school’s staff and model. The school’s dorm staff, administrators, teachers and support staff are knowledgeable, humane, insightful, astute, supportive, devoted, enthusiastic and constructive in their approach to teens and their families. Rock Point’s admissions process is extraordinarily thorough so that the students who enroll are a good fit for the program, enhancing the chances of success. Rock Point accurately describes itself as a school for students who have struggled in traditional school settings, done lots of hard work, and are “on their way up.”

Rock Point’s small size (a maximum of 40 students, grades 9-12) facilitates the kind of nurturing environment, communication, and supervision that so many teens need. We are overwhelmingly impressed by the staff’s earnest, skilled and consistent attention to each student; eagerness to learn about and appreciate each student’s unique strengths and challenges; ability to individualize an approach to fit each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs; and collaborative, consistent, and honest communication with parents.

We’re impressed with the way that Rock Point staff use effective, research-based discipline, extending the leash and pulling it in as needed for each student; students earn privileges based upon their behavior and choices. The staff are always thinking about how they can provide students with constructive social and educational challenges, appropriate incentives, and reasonable, fair consequences.

This was not our experience with Hyde (Woodstock). The differences between Hyde and Rock Point School have taught us a great deal about how important it is for parents to find the “right fit” between school and family. In our experience, the character education that takes place at Rock Point School is what our daughter needed.

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