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Posted June 10, 2004 

Stephanie Pokorney
Anaheim, CA.

About 4 years ago I attended Cross Creek Manor in the town of LaVerkin, Utah. I am 20 years old now, and doing very well. I live on my own, have a full time job as a waitress, and a great relationship with my parents. However, I attribute none of my success to Cross Creek.

I was sent to Cross Creek for abusing drugs and failing some high school classes. My parents had told me we were going on "vacation"; it was about two weeks before my sweet 16th birthday. After we had been in the car for about 2 hours, my mom finally admitted they were taking me to a "school".

How bad could it be?

When I arrived, the heavy door was locked behind me and all my belongings taken away. The staff was rude and tough, and I knew right away that this wasn't just a boarding school.

My experience at Cross Creek was extremely depressing, lonely, and intense for someone my age. I saw and heard things that haunt me to this day. I saw one of my good friends trying to jump over the balcony, screaming that she wanted to die. There was never a day I did not cry, or see someone else cry.

Many girls were "cutters", and would find anything sharp enough to slice their wrists. When they did so, when they were "bad", they were thrown in the isolation rooms.

The worst part was how alone I felt. None of the staff seemed to truly care about us. It was their job, and we were treated like prisoners.
When I tell my friends that have been to Juvenile Hall about it, they say Cross Creek Manor sounds worse!

Everybody I attended school with was afraid of the head man at Cross Creek. He would get in your face, and scream obscenities at us. Every new girl got it as their welcome. It was so demeaning, I don't know how they honestly think the treatment there helps.

My mom knows that Cross Creek was not the right place for me, now. I had to go through my experiences myself and learn that way. I don't know how to possibly explain how horrible I think that place is,
I try to block it out of my mind.

I would never, ever recommend for any parent to rely on Cross Creek to "save" their kid, and I feel sorry for any and every kid in there.

If you would like to contact me, my name is Stephanie and I am at xux96grl@yahoo.com.

Thank you!!

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