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Posted December 3, 2004 


I am writing to express the sadness I feel reading about the closure of Coronado Academy.

Coronado provided our son with the education and clinical experience he needed to turn around his life. The school facilities are beautiful, and the staff has exemplary training in their fields of expertise. I can assure parents that the school is not closing due to the quality of the services that their kids were receiving.

In my last letter to the Woodbury Report, I said that Coronado felt like it was a stones throw away. The "ticos" are wonderful people, and Costa Rica is a great place for a student to learn a new approach to his/her life. I hope that there are more schools in the US that will not only say they do what Coronado achieved, but really provide the comprehensive services. We took a leap of faith, and it was worth every second thought we had.

Thank you,
Rhonda Page
West Newbury, Massachusetts

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