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Posted May 12, 2005 

New Summit Academy

Kim Kluger-Bell

"Our son recently graduated from New Summit Academy and we are very proud to say that as a result of his experience with the dedicated faculty and therapeutic staff there, he has completely turned his life around.

Although it was a hard decision to send him to a school so far away, he has benefited tremendously from being in the Costa Rican culture, seeing a different way of life, and being truly loved by his Costa Rican host family. It was important for him to have an opportunity to be outside of the American culture—which has become increasingly competitive and materialistic recently—and get back in touch with his basic values. I can't say enough about the energy, enthusiasm and competence of the staff. They are a wonderful group of people! I have never seen my son happier or more self-confident, and this was very far from being true when he started there.

We have absolutely no regrets. It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make, to send him so far away, but it is also one of the best."


Kim Kluger-Bell



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