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Posted April 3, 2005 

CEDU closing

March 28, 2005


I write this with no thought of impressing upon you the impact your abrupt, insensitive and callous handling of the CEDU closure has had on hundreds of families across the country. If you were emotionally capable of being affected by this tragedy you have unleashed, you would have handled the incident compassionately - at least professionally. But then, CEDU, its families and staff have apparently always been just another business for you.

I was not surprised that Bob Naples and the revolving door of outside "experts" ran CEDU into the financial ground. However I was, and am, stunned by the total cowardice displayed by your organization in abandoning unpaid staff to safely see YOUR clients off the campuses and to their homes.

You may have firewalled yourselves from the financial ramifications, but you will forever be the objects of scorn, anger and - perhaps with the passage of time - pity.

Bill Valentine PsyD, CC
Bend, Oregon

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