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Posted May 14, 2003 

Cherokee Creek Boys School
Westminster, South Carolina
Jackson Culotta – Headmaster

Cherokee Creek, is a new residential middle school for boys between the ages 12-15 whose unacceptable behaviors have been diagnosed as: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Behavior, and/or Aggressive Conduct Disorder. Other potential students are boys with learning disabilities or learning style differences that combine with other struggles to cause failure in traditional school settings. They have a maximum enrollment of 60 boys who are each carefully screened to develop an accredited, individualized academic program based on psycho educational testing, school records, and professional recommendations. Boys on anti-psychotic drugs or with histories of assault or fire setting will not be enrolled.

The Cherokee Creek program is designed to build character and the campus community is governed based on the core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and honesty. Teachers, counselors, and staff are called mentors and are committed to being positive role models by the way they live. In addition to their academics, the students have one-to-one time with mentors, daily group meetings, and sequential workshop intensives for deep work and discovery. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians in the local region provide medical management and counseling for Cherokee students.

The curriculum is designed for the active, growing middle school boy, based on research in child development, learning theory, psychology, and community building. The classes are held in the lodge as well outdoors, taking advantage of the numerous rivers, lakes, and state parks, organic gardens, and mountains. These “living laboratories” create an enhanced, exciting learning program for academic study as well as for recreation and fitness activities designed to foster healthy competition, build skills, challenge negative personal beliefs, move muscles, and have fun! They also participate in activities both on campus and in the local community provide a chance to contribute, which builds character, strengthens social skills, and instills a sense of pride. Students are prepared for the important transition back home by working with schools, families and educational consultants to create a post-Cherokee Creek academic plan.

The Cherokee Creek Family Center was established as a separate, non-profit support service for the school that provides workshops, seminars and homework projects to teach the skills necessary for strengthening family systems to work together when the student returns home. They also coordinate frequent phone conferences with families and staff, who believe the student is more likely to meet his goals by involving the families. Participation in the Family Center Programs is a required.

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