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The Places for Struggling Teens discussion forum has been a dynamic part of our website almost since the site’s inception in 1995.  Over the years, it has helped hundreds of parents who needed to share their worries, concerns and accomplishments with each other regarding their teens struggling with growing up.  The underlying message throughout the life of this discussion board to all parents participating was “You Are Not Alone!”

The world moves on; especially the Internet.  The interacting communication parents took advantage of here on the board has now been replaced by more extensive, faster and more interactive communication methods via the part of the Internet called “Social Media.”

We have moved to the Social Media also, and it is time to close down this discussion board because very few are using it any more.  Facebook, twitter, and several other places have many avenues for parents to gather and share and serve the function this discussion board used to serve.  It has been a good ride over the years and I want to thank each and every participant for their contribution.

Please check in with me at our various social media sites and I’ll try to respond as best as I can in any way that might be helpful.

Lon Woodbury MA, IECA, CEP
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