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Seen 'n Heard - Sep, 1999 Issue (page 2)

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(August 5, 1999) Craig A. Christiansen, Director of New Leaf Academy, Bend, Oregon, 541-317-0844, a 20-student girl’s school for ages 10-13, announced the graduation of 3 more students in August, bringing their total to 8 students who have graduated from the program this year. He also announced they are in the process of developing a second campus in Central Oregon which will also enroll girls ages 10 to 13 with a maximum of 20 students. The anticipated opening date for the second campus is June, 2000.

(August 6, 1999) Charlotte Ervin, Admission Director at Spring Ridge Academy, Spring Valley, Arizona, 520-632-4602, announced the several new staff members who have joined the school. Maritza Nunez Eaton, the new Educational Administrator, will have as part of her duties, the creation of a strong sports, physical fitness and yoga program. William Rhodes, PhD Zoology, replaces David Somerville, who had built a strong science program. Somerville left to teach at Embry Riddle and work toward his doctorate in Biophysics. Since both Eaton and Rhodes are both fluent in Spanish, Spring Ridge has committed to making Spanish an integral part of the curriculum, teaching it to all their students. Jeanne James, a therapist at Spring Ridge since Dec. 1998, has been appointed Clinical Director.

(August 6, 1999) Dr. Martha Angulo, President of 3-Tutor, mangulo@lessonpro.net, announced the addition of LessonPro.net to their current offerings. Free to educators at the K-12 level, “LessonPro.net provides K-12 educators a format for creating teaching activities and lessons for use over the Internet…. The easy to use format guides the teacher through each part of the lesson. Lessons are ready for Internet access the minute they are completed and sent to our host computer. Teachers, students and parents can access the lessons at any time with their web browsers.

(August 6, 1999), “Chris Kocurek, former CEO for a division of the Brown Schools and developer of the On Track wilderness program and Hill Country Place, has joined Richard Hardin as a partner in RSH & Associates, Inc. 512-236-8776. RSH & Associates, Inc. is a consulting and management company, which dedicates its attention to education-related products and programs. Current services include program consulting and development, curriculum development and school violence prevention programs. One of their unique set of services, which focused on assisting charter schools, has been established as ‘Solutions for Texas Charter Schools.’ The company is also developing innovative programs to be announced at a later date.”

(August 8, 1999) In two articles in the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, writer Christopher Smith announced the controversial camp director Steve Cartisano is back in business, running camps for troubled teens. The first article, entitled “Cartisano Leaves a Long History of Controversy in His Wake,” lists Smith’s findings about Cartisano’s involvement from 1988 to 1995. It associates Cartisano with Challenger Foundation, Challenger in Hawaii, HealthCare America in the Caribbean, and American Heritage Center, which was headquartered in New York with students in Costa Rica. It also listed his lawsuits, bankruptcy, and his acquittal in a homicide trial. The second article, entitled “Nine Years After Girl’s Death, ‘Camp’ Director Has Returned,” updates his more recent activities as part of New Hope Academy in the island of Somoa, and Chilanko Lodge in Canada. After Dan Wakefield, New Hope Academy’s island manager and part owner, left the school temporarily in the care of Cartisano and Lonnie Fuller, he said, “Biggest mistake I ever made.” After plans fell apart for Chilanko Lodge, owner Mark Sudweeks said, “We put stop-payments on the checks but he had already managed to cash one by forging my wife’s signature.” Jackie Allred, a past Cartisano employee was quoted as saying, “now my name gets dragged down with him. I hate that I have contributed in any negative way to the image of these programs. It was stupid and I’m paying the price.” Smith also states his belief that Cartisano is currently involved in a program called Pacific Coast Academy, operated by a man using the name Steve Michaels, with students in Somoa and offices in Mesa, Arizona. Cathy Sutton, head of a non-profit Foundation with the goal of improving the quality of care in the business of working with at-risk teens, 209-599-4692, has filed a deceptive-advertising complaint against Pacific Coast Academy in Arizona and is lobbying Sunset magazine to stop running their ads.

(August 9, 1999) Keri Doty, jkrdoty@teleport.com, announced there will be a Family Enrichment Program in Portland, Oregon, starting Friday, September 10th. This is a 9-week educational program consisting of two three-day interactive seminars and a one-day midpoint event. The focus of the program is to give families a structured environment to develop a strong base of values, tools, and skills for today’s times. The President of Resource Realizations, David Gilcrease, and Barbara Fagan will conduct the seminar. Resource Realizations is the company that facilitates all of the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) seminars. For more information, contact Audrey Lester, 503-625-6310.

(August 10, 1999) Darrel McOmber, Founder and Director of Bridges Academy, Bend, Oregon, 541-318-9345, a residential emotional growth boarding school for boys ages 13-17, announced their connection to NovaNET, an on-line computer-based learning system. NovaNET provides a wide ranging selection of instruction areas as well as a testing and assessment center that includes SAT, ACT and GED preparation and practical tests. The school says NovaNET, which is self-paced and inner-directed, fits their needs very well, allowing each student to work at a comfortable pace, while engendering the teachers’ approval by ensuring rigorous standards and clearly delineated, achievable goals, while allowing plenty of individual time with each student.

(August 11, 1999) Jayne Longnecker, Founder of Benchmark Young Adult School, Redlands, California, 800-474-4848, for young people ages 18 and above, notified Woodbury Reports that the report of 76 graduates that appeared in Seen n’Heard, Issue #60, was an error. The correct number of graduates was 17.

(August 12, 1999) Charlotte L. Ervin, Director of Admission for Spring Ridge Academy, a school for young women ages 14-17 in Arizona, 520-632-4602, sraenrol@northlink.com, announced they have room for five girls now, and anticipate room for 10 new girls in December.

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