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New Perspectives - Oct, 1997 Issue #48

(More Than Just a Ride)
Portland, Maine
by: Mark Rustin, Escort Coordinator

Guardian Youth Escort Service became a service of the Guardian Security Group as an expression of the desire to expand the base of the business in a way in which would provide rich benefit to the client as it generated business for the company. Many avenues of expansion were explored before the two principals in the company settled on Guardian Youth Escort Service to fulfill their business and personal goals. The mission statement best expresses these goals. 

To provide our clients and their children a service which insures safe, secure transportation in an environment which supports the goals of the client for their child. 

To that end, Guardian Youth Escort Service is involved in dialogue with parents, consultants, and program leaders before the child is escorted. At the beginning of each escort, the nature of the trip, the destination of the trip, and the expectations on the child are explained. The goal is to make the child responsible for their actions during the trip as a beginning of behavior modification opportunities they will find within the program they are attending. Our core conviction says that each person is an individual and should be accorded that dignity unless they prove they cannot uphold the appropriate responsibilities. 

Our experience has shown that this clear understanding between the escorts and the child, combined with vigilance on the part of the escorts, quickly reduces fear and stress on the part of the child and allows a sense of trust based in personal responsibility to develop. Escorts can and do become more than just a ride from point A to point B. 

Guardian Youth Escort Service is staffed to meet the needs of the clients with either male or female children. Our people are well educated and experienced in dealing with children. They are chosen based upon the demonstrated ability to accomplish goals while being empathetic to the emotions of people around them. The rapport we have developed with clients and children is truly remarkable. 

While we prefer as much notice as possible to gather information, develop a relationship with the client and consultant, and make necessary arrangements, we are also capable of providing our service on a short notice basis when necessary. When circumstances require we can meet the needs of a client in just a few hours. 

When you need the services of a youth escort, choose Guardian Youth Escort Service. We offer more than just a ride. 

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