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News & Views - Oct, 1997 Issue #48 


October 2, 1997 (Huntington Beach, Calif.): Mission Statement of the OUTDOOR BEHAVIOR HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY COUNCIL (OBHIC): 

OBHIC is an organization of behavioral healthcare providers who are committed to the utilization of outdoor modalities to assist young people and their families to make positive change. OBHIC’s mission is to unite its members and to promote the common good of our programs’ standards and our industry at large. This mission is accomplished by developing standards of excellence for membership and by sharing information. OBHIC’s goal is to be the standard parents and professionals can trust. 

In a letter to Woodbury Reports, Mark Hobbins stated:

Some time ago I met with Mike Merchant and others to discuss the possible benefits of organizing the outdoor/wilderness programs (initially in the west) into a group whereby we can benefit each other and the industry at large. As Mike and I talked with others we realized that many had the same interest. We had an exploratory meeting November 16, 1996 in Salt Lake City. From that we have met every quarter since then to put some structure to our group and decide our purpose. We felt we did not want to compete with other organizations. Our hope is to compliment what other organizations are doing with the unique expertise OBHIC has to offer. 

Below are the members who have been supportive and active since the very beginning. Without each of them the progress we have made could not have been accomplished. 

The founding members of OBHIC are: 

Anasazi - Mike Merchant - Chairman 
Anasazi - Larry Olsen 
Aspen Health - Mark Hobbins - Secretary 
Aspen Health - Gilbert Hallows 
Catherine Freer - Robert Cooley 
Catherine Freer - Paul Smith 
Red Cliff Ascent - Steve Peterson 
Red Cliff Ascent - Scott Peterson 
SUWS - Sue Crowell SUWS - Pat Lockwood

The group has expanded to include: 

Aspen Youth Alternatives - Gordon Birch 
Eckerd - Andy Anderson 
Eckerd - George Young 
Wilderness Quest - Angela Ritter

We have developed a mission statement, standards of membership, a membership packet, etc. While we have been quietly organizing ourselves to be sure we can meet our objectives, we are now in a position to open membership discussions with any program that desires further information. OBHIC hopes to have additional programs join us as they catch the vision of what we hope to accomplish. Any interested party can contact either Mike Merchant at 602-892-7403 or Mark Hobbins at 714-892-3694. Thanks for your support Lon. You have been a great friend to our industry and a valued asset to our organization. 

Mark Hobbins, Secretary 

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