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News & Views - Oct, 1993 Issue #24 

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

A year ago, a team of six educators visited The John Dewey Academy for three days. Malcolm W. Gauld, Head of the Hyde School, served as the chairperson; Christopher Norris, Assistant Head of Proctor Academy, served as co-chair of this committee. Other members were John N. Buxton, Assistant Headmaster of St. Paul's School; Nancy Juliano, Foreign Language Department Head, The Ethel Walker School; C. Jay Readinger, Business Manager, Moses Brown School; and Joyce Wilson, Mathematics Department Head, Suffield Academy. The committee read a 1450 page report, interviewed students, faculty, and parents, observed classes, studied policies and student files before submitting a 28 page report which concluded, "The Visiting Committee departed Great Barrington inspired by what it saw and excited for the future of the School."

The John Dewey Academy not only has the smallest enrollment but also is the first proprietary school to receive accreditation from The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The John Dewey Academy is a residential, twelve months, college preparatory, therapeutic high school which provides intensive educational and counseling for self-destructive, acting-out, gifted adolescents who possesses superior innate intellectual and creative potential. Some students had been hospitalized. Many arrive medicated, though none currently are.

Dr. Thomas Bratter, president, states, "The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has demonstrated its integrity and courage by approving this quality school because in view of my personal legal difficulties, the decision could have been delayed. Quite understandably the entire John Dewey Academy appreciates and is honored to become the newest accredited school by NEASC.

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