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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1990 Issue (page 1).

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Rocky Mountain Academy Has New President
Dan and Carman Earle of Rocky Mountain Academy retired earlier this month. Replacing Dan as President of the school is Rob Spear.

Anasazi Reports Achieving Non-Profit Status
Jackie Allred of Anasazi wilderness program reports they achieved non-profit status on August 1st. They now plan to look for funding to support the tuition for lower income young people.

Cascade School Reports Graduating Students
Cascade School in Northern California reports graduating 34 students August 11th, leaving 130 still in the program. [This article is outdated.  Cascade School closed January 20, 2004.]

Dave Yeates Establishing His Own School
Dave Yeates, most recently with Pathfinders and before that with Rocky Mountain Academy, is establishing his own school called Northwoods. Situated in North Idaho, one focus will be to help students in their transition from a structured school to regular society.

American Citizens TV Shares Problem Solving Info
American Citizens TV specializes in helping people share information in solving problems. They are looking for some videos on successful education solutions. This is for a nationwide cable hook-up in late September. Call me for more information.

The new buzzword being heard around the country is "Boomerangers," referring to the acting out children of Baby Boomers.

Skyland Ranch Has Work Therapy Program
Skyland Ranch, in the state of Washington, assigns each resident a horse as part of the program and requires each resident to work 10 hours a week as part of the tuition. This is in addition to regular chores, and is considered "work therapy".

Faith Ranch Reports Excellent Results
Roy Glasscock of Faith Ranch in Texas reports excellent results with kids with tuition aimed at something the average family can afford. They are licensed for 34 boys, but usually have something closer to 20 in family style living. They are looking for another counselor

Carol Luber of Los Angeles Includes Child Advocacy
Carol Luber of Los Angeles includes child advocacy as a part of her education consulting practice. This includes helping families understand their legal rights and representing their interests to agencies.

Spring Creek School to Retrace Louis & Clark's Trail
Spring Creek Community School in Montana is planning in August to retrace Louis and Clark's trail down the Wild and Scenic River portion of the Missouri River in central Montana.

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