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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1990 Issue (page 1).

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Doug Ferral Announces Leaving Spring Creek School
Doug Ferral, Admissions Director at Spring Creek Community School in Montana, announced he was leaving the school as of June 22. He plans to go up into the mountains for a month to "decompress" and will look at what he wants to do when he comes back to civilization. Silvia Madison will be the new Director of Admissions. Steve Cawdrey, founder and director of the school announced he would take a sabbatical of about a year to work on some personal and educational goals. Co-founder Nancy Cawdrey is acting Head until the Board finds an interim director. She assures everyone the staff working with the students remains the same and the quality of service to the students remains the same.

Camp New Horizons in New York State
Camp New Horizons in New York state, works with boys and girls ages 5 to 19. They observe approximately 20-25% of all school-aged children are thought to experience attention deficits, or manifest perceptual difficulties or demonstrate hyperactive tendencies.

Values Institute Sponsors 4-day Training Center
The Values Institute, a new company in Utah, is sponsoring a 4-day Sports-Values Training Center in August for young men ages 13-19. This sounds like a good experience for a young man who has self-image problems and an interest and/or strength in sports. For more information call 801-263-9100.

Shamrock Acres Plans Trip to Yellowstone Park
Shamrock Acres, in Eastern Washington, has a trip to Yellowstone Park and a week of Montana camping planned for the summer along with the usual water skiing, baseball, and camping. The trips of course will include only those students who have earned the privilege.

Franklin Academy Students Graduate
Franklin Academy, in Maine, graduated three students in June.

Heritage School Announces a Joint Venture with Wilderness Academy
Glen Overton of Heritage School in Provo, Utah, announced a joint venture with Wilderness Academy to provide clinical wilderness survival. Wilderness Academy is changing its name to Aspen Achievement Center and Nancy Groll has moved over from Heritage School in Provo to handle admissions.

Wilderness Conquest Plans to Stay Small
Wilderness Conquest, headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is planning to stay small, fielding a group of 6-7 students every three weeks. As of mid-May they were starting to fill up 2-3 weeks in advance.

Spring Creek School Now Doing Wilderness Experience for All Ages
Paul Clark announced Spring Creek Community School in Montana is now doing wilderness experience expeditions for adults of all ages, emphasizing group dynamics along with physical challenges. The focus is on addictive processes such as workaholic, drugs, dysfunctional family, life change, or any issues needed to be addressed in a safe environment. This evolved out of their family program.

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