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Press Release

Clark Fork, Idaho

Friends of Elk Mountain Academy

Carl M. Olding

September 28, 2006

As September winds down to a close, we note the seasons changing.  At the same time changes come into all of our lives.  It is with a sad heart that we have to bid farewell to one of our good friends and employee, Desiree Mangum.  Desiree will be leaving Elk Mountain Academy to attend to some very urgent family business.  It is our sincerest hope that Desi will be able to return to us in the future.  At the same time, we welcome Louie W. Ladenburger, MFT, LADC, to our staff; Louie received his doctorate from USC Berkley in 1983, and is a licensed therapist in Idaho.

A note Louie sent to our parents,
"I have the privilege of serving you and your son as his counselor.  Besides my licenses, I am a certified Addiction Specialist.  I adhere to the value of unconditional care and that means I never give up when it comes to your son.  I believe that problems communicate unmet needs and my goal is to face your son with his unmet needs and together find a healthy way to meet those needs.  I want to recognize the strengths, cultural values and vision of your family.  I will be providing you with routine monthly reports.

I must restate that the information that I share with you is for you alone and is not to be shared with your son.  My door is always open to you and should you wish to contact me you may do so at 208-266-1122 ext 28 or by email at lladenburger@elkmountainacademy.org.  I will be happy to meet with you during any visits that you may have planned.  Please coordinate these visits with the Administration staff.  Thank you and I look forward to working with you and your son."


Louie Ladenburger

While we can never exactly fill the void left by a departing staff member, we are confident that Louie will step in to provide excellent counseling to your son and help him on his road to recovery.

Carl M. Olding

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