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Letters to The Editor

August 2, 2005

Dear Lon,

When you enter into the unknown, you don't know what lurks. Similarly, when you consider the decision to spend $1,600 for consulting - over the telephone (from far-away people that you have not met, concerning topics you know practically nothing about), you might be wise to keep your expectations from becoming inflated; this is what I told myself before using your company for educational consulting. Despite the cautionary flags, my wife and I decided to go forward to spend the money, in part because we were desperate parents. We signed up for the services of Woodbury Report, selecting Larry Stednitz as our consultant. Bottom line: We are delighted, the $1,600 is a great value. Our family has gotten remarkable guidance from Larry.

Larry not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but he is a wonderful human being. He processes thoughts differently than I do, but we have always ended up on the same page regarding the most important issues - which is a tribute to his patience, insightfulness and wisdom. He has directed us with a steady hand. Larry is The Man!

And more kudos. We might not have met Larry if I had not gotten such a great impression when first calling Woodbury Report. The people I spoke to in the office created instant good will. Initially I talked to Kathy - on May 2nd. She possesses excellent communications skills, making me feel comfortable immediately. Kathy soon passed the phone call to Christy, who shared her teenage misdeeds and subsequent wilderness therapy experiences (and aftercare) with me. She spoke with disarming honesty. Kathy and Christy caused me to sit up and take notice of your company's prominence in the field of educational consulting. The next day I called back and spoke with Amber, who crisply and unhesitatingly answered my remaining questions, and in so doing, alleviated my residual concerns. You have a winning crew on board, Lon. My compliments to each of them.

If you wish to use me as a reference, you have my permission. Thank you all very much for what you do so well, including your well-written, informative newsletter.

With sincerity,

David Vezmar

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